#NOTAGEM is a contemporary concrete gem, crafted right in the heart of Bucharest. It all started from the love of working with cement – these beautifully grinded particles that stick together forming a great shape.

These not-so-sparkly little gems are made of local sourced cement powder mixed with filtered water & coated with cold pressed flaxseed oil & beeswax for lasting longer. Our products are also vegan-friendly – we use faux-leather, unoxidable metals & the packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.

What’s in the #NOTAGEM box?

  • concrete diamond;
  • faux-leather cord (1 m long);
  • leaflet.

Unboxing #NOTAGEM

How to wear #NOTAGEM?

It comes to your imagination and creativity to fit #NOTAGEM in your lifestyle! The 1m long faux-leather cord can be tied as a long necklace, a chocker or a bracelet. You can even attach it to your keys but keep it mind that in collision with a hard or sharpen object it can crack.

How to care #NOTAGEM?

Wear it at any occasion & make sure to keep it away from water, humidity and rain as much as you can. Even though our gems are coated with flaxseed oil, cement is a fast water absorbant and it could stain your clothing.

You should keep it with your other accessories in a jewellery box or drawer. You should also know that because of humidity, in time, the diamond concrete may become more porous.

Is #NOTAGEM suitable for childen?

We care about children safety first and we don’t recommend that your kids play with the small gems – the sharp edges might hurt them! You should also be careful!

What does the pre-order mean?

We have not started a mass production yet but we are offering the possibility of pre-ordering our products. The gem will be custom made after your order and it will take about 4-5 days to be ready for wearing. The manufacturing process involves soaking, drying, hand polishing & coating the concrete for better lasting.

What about the delivery?

At the moment we only offer delivery in Romania. If in Bucharest, you can choose personal pickup or bike delivery (same day delivery) and for the other cities we offer national courier delivery, with a delivery time of 1-2 working days.

And the payment?

There are two payment options: cash on delivery and PayPal. The prices are in euro and the conversion will be made using the exchange rate available for the day you’re ordering your product.