Red & Black Marble Bundle


Enjoy our signature designs in this red & black marble bundle! Order and get 1 concrete diamond + 1 concrete cube crafted right in the heart of Bucharest from local sourced cement powder, filtered water & natural pigments, coated with cold pressed flaxseed oil & beeswax.

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#NOTAGEM is a contemporary & minimalist concrete gem crafted right in the heart of Bucharest. It all started from the love of working with cement – these beautifully grinded particles that stick together forming two great shapes: the round 6-faceted cube & the perfect 6-faceted cube.
You can customise your #NOTAGEM by choosing the gem, link and cord colors. We only use natural pigments from products such as beetroot juice, coffee syrup or turmeric.

Our gems are made of local sourced cement powder mixed with filtered water, coloured with natural pigments (charcoal & beetroot juice) & coated with cold pressed flaxseed oil & beeswax for lasting longer. Our products are also vegan friendly – we use faux-leather and unoxidable metals + the packaging is 100% recycled paper.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 9 x 5 x 2.5 cm


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